Macintosh Computer Services


In the PC world, everyone "knows" somebody that does some other line of work during the day and "fixes" PC's at night.  If you asked them if they were certified, they would probably answer, No.

Not all people who work on Macs are certified either. Look for the Certified Macintosh Technician logo like the one in the right column.

I'm proud to say I have been Apple Certified for many years.

The Apple Certification Program separates the "backyard mechanics" from the real Apple techs. It determines if a technician has the right skills to work on Apple-branded computers. To be able to display this logo requires passing a 3 hour test which is a mixture of complex questions and real world experience. This is where it's not enought to only be book smart! Incidentally, only certified techs can work at Apple Service Centers.



Did you know computers need maintencance just like your car?  Most of my clients have their Mac looked at every 3-6 months.  Better safe than sorry!

There are certain steps that need to be performed BEFORE the "Software Update" feature of OS X runs.  If not done correctly, your Mac could end up in worse shape after, than it was before.  I have seen the results.

I recommend a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment to keep your Mac running perfectly for years of trouble free use.  You do the same for your car!